USC Trojan Song Girls [Gallery]



    1. cynicali123 says:

      Photo 3rd row, eighth from the top is fucking beautiful! That's the one and only sweater queen Keli Snyder from the 2008 USC Song Girl squad. Keli was and is the sexiest, most beautiful USC Song Girl ever. She's so photogenic and anatomically gifted in the mammary department it is just devastating to see her. This pic I've never seen before, it is spectacular, showing the magnificently well-endowed, bosomy Keli posing seductively and smiling wickedly as she dances and flirts with the crowd, sticking out her perfect, milk-filled enormous tits in her super-tight, figure-flattering, bust-accentuating, custom-made USC Song Girl sweater. Out of all the Song Girls, Keli had the biggest tits and wore the tightest USC Song Girl sweater. I love how she sticks out her huge sweater puppies here. Now she is a sports reporter supposedly for CBS Sports Spectacular, I hope she becomes more famous and shows up more on TV wearing tight turtleneck sweaters!

    2. cynicali123 says:

      First photo on the left column on the top is a famous pic floating around the internet of the infamous 2004 USC Song Girl squad. With the exception of the 2008 squad's legendary Sweater Queen Keli Snyder, the 2003-2004 squad consistently had the hottest, bustiest, sexiest, most well-endowed USC Song Girls in their history. Each one of it's 11 members had the biggest, most prominent, milk-filled tits ever and wore the TIGHTEST USC Song Girl sweaters by far. Look at the way they proudly stick out their huge tits in this photo, and how they all know how big their tits are and how huge and delicious they look in their extra-tight Song Girl sweaters. Brunette Song Girl second from the left is the famous Sarah Carmona, #2 best in Song Girl history and had the biggest and best tits and wore the tightest sweater on the 2003-2004 squad.

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