Subway Pole-ite Girls Strip on the Drop of a Dare

Cute, college-aged girls? Check.

$10,000 dare to strip on the subway? Check.

YouTube video of the whole shebang? I thought you would never ask:

The “Pole-ite” girls (real names Laura Lee Anderson, Jessica Wu, Marissa Lupp and Isis Masoud) gave bystanders quite the show earlier this year, dancing, stripping, grinding and gyrating around the grimiest of locations: the New York City subway system.

Needless to say, the fearless foursome won the $10,000 prize from DareJunkies.com.

The MTA isn’t very happy about the attention this dare has garnered. From UPI:

“The last thing we want is for anyone to turn our subways into roving burlesque stages for crude exhibitionists,” said NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges. “While the rules don’t specifically state lap or pole dancing–what is depicted here is disorderly conduct.”

I’m not sure what planet Mr. Fleuranges is from, but I don’t know any man, woman or child who would have a problem with a roving burlesque show free of charge. More importantly the dare was done all in good fun – and $10,000! Not much is better than cute girls with great personalities, wildly free of any inhibitions, dancing around for the enjoyment of the people. They deserve a Gentleman’s boner.



    1. ManlyMan says:

      WTF? That isn't stripping they didn't even take off one piece of clothing! Let alone show their bare titties or ass!

    2. ManlyMan says:

      10 Grand for dancing on a subway and not even taking ur clothes off? What the fuck is this world coming to!!

    3. Phil says:

      Damn – where were they when I was riding the subways 30 years ago? LOL!


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