100% Hilton-Free Sexy Sugar Mamas


Ahh… to be rich. Ahh… to marry a rich girl! Ahh… to marry a rich babe!

I’m a gold digger, don’t get me wrong – but I have standards. I really couldn’t pull myself into marrying a shabby-looking dwarf (they need love too but I’d rather go for an Elite model type with a rich father). That’s why I’ve listed the Elite 8 Sexiest Sugar Mamas on Earth, and I promise both Paris and Nicky Hilton didn’t make the cut.

Keep this list handy, keep your eyes peeled, talk big game and you could find yourself living a life of luxury until the divorce.

See the list after the jump!

#8 Amanda Lucas

amanda lucas nude

Haha! I started the list off with a beast…but a rich beast at that. Although her nickname should be “Truffle Shuffle” her dad is mega-billionaire George Lucas, Lord of Geek Mountain.

#7 Anna Anisimova

Anna Anisimova nude

Anna Anisimova’s father is one of the richest Russians and she is a former model with a sweet $23 million-dollar apartment in NYC.

#6 Alexandra Richards

Alexandra Richards

Daughter of one of Earth’s most famous guitarists, Keith Richards. She also has a hot sister – rock-star/daughter three-way anyone?

#5 Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips nude

She is the Granddaughter of Queen Elisabeth II and a rocks a pierced tongue.

#4 Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson nude

She is the heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune and her Friendster profile says she enjoys, “pills, pole dancing, licking lollipops and making fun of Desperate Debbies.” Just my kind of girl!

#3 Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord

Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord

Her dad is a famous jeweler so the wedding ring you should be disparate to give this girl will come with a family discount.

#2 Ivanka Trump

ivanka trump nude

We’ve featured her at least 7 times on COED so if you are in the dark as to who Ivanka Trump is and you couldn’t figure it out by looking at her last name then it’s time to go get an IQ test and check out this COED feature “Proof “The Donaldâ€? has Super-Sperm.”

#1 Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst nude

Amanda Hearst made a personal fortune as an Elite Model; but in case she blows it all on a massive, 6-month-long coke binge she can fall back on the billions that will be left to her as the heir to the Hearst Publishing fortune.



    1. Miami mike! says:

      George Bush’s niece should be on this list.

    2. ??? says:

      you mean desparate? are the articles on this website really written by 4-year college students?

    3. Lol@u says:

      Actually, I think he means desperate! Are the comments on this website really written by lame ass know-it-alls?

      P.S. If you're going to correct someone, at least use proper grammar, tool.

    4. meshman says:

      ??? was owned pretty hard there

    5. dare says:

      i will like to join the winning team…

    6. bleh says:

      Don't call the lucas chick a beast – She obviously has a sense of humor – That's a hilarious outfit, and she's a natural, attractive girl with a bad picture – so what?

    7. Solar Lad says:

      I agree with bleh – while all of them are attractive, Amanda Lucas is more to my taste then half of the other women.

    8. bleh says:

      Right? And as for Elizabeth -she's mad dorky, too – but fucking briliant – and that is more my taste. At least those two aren't made of plasticl , and will make you laugh! Nothing worse than lots of money and no personality. I don't want to be banging one of these other chicks and have their hair extenstions asphixiate me – and have silicone start shootin' out.
      I'm for the real girls!
      Well, the hot ones.
      E's a goddes and manda needs some work – Can you imagine if we just photoshopped and body chopped like some of the other frankenfucks?

    9. #3 Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord says:

      hi dal simply i say that u look like an angel to me

    10. #3 Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord says:

      oh god how great thou art

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