Side Boobs: The Top 20 of All-Time

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Being a college student, good grades and the hopes of graduating just aren’t cutting it when it comes to my personal motivation to get out of bed in the morning. What is my motivation, you ask? The chance of seeing a quality side-boob picture online!

The classic side-boob is not quite porn but it’s just naughty enough to put a smile on the face of any boob enthusiast browsing both Internets. Without further ado, let’s salute the 20 girls who have rocked the side-boob best.

Who is #1? Find out after the jump!

#20 Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco nude

#19 Ali Landry

Ali Landry nude

#18 Brooke Burke

(Brooke’s s COED Bikini Tribute)

Brooke Burke nude

#17 Gloria Santiago

Gloria Santiago nude

#16 Cindy Taylor

Cindy Taylor nude

#15 Holly Valance

Holly Valance nude

#14 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson nude

#13 Denise Richards

Denise Richards nude

#12 Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrew nude

#11 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguliera nude

#10 Erin Nass

Erin Nass nude

#9 Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert nude

#8 Paris Hilton

paris hilton nude

  • view Paris’ Miss COED gallery HERE

#7 Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder nude

#6 Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes nude

#5 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen nude

#4 Petra Nemcova

(Petra’s sexy COED Gallery and Poll)
Petra Nemcova nude

#3 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl nude

#2 Jessica Biel

(COED Tribute to Jessica Biel’s Boobs)

Jessica Biel nude

Number 1: Joanna Krupa

This is what I call “Ultimate Side-Boob Hottness!!” – notice the italics and double exclamation! Every Joanna Krupa side-boob picture is hotter than the rest of the field, therefore all of her side-boob pictures are winners.

… and the rest!



    1. charles in charge says:

      the dorito's girl is my favorite

    2. charles in charge says:

      although throw back jessica biel is nice too

    3. whojaybe says:

      oh my lord lol… tasty! some FIONE ladies… but how come when i first read the title, the image of peter griffin saying "no, cause thats MY side boob…" kept coming to mind lol hilarious…

    4. sebastian says:

      this is such a good article and I thoroughly enjoyed it only because I see soooo much side boob as I look through windows of my apartment building…

      no binocs tonight!

    5. Matt says:

      Side boob is like an art…ala Burlesque of the 21st Century – though I will have to say Katherine Heigl has 9/10's boob going and daddy loves it

    6. kr4m says:

      how did parez hilton make the top 10? gag…

    7. whojaybe says:

      yeah i dont really agree with her being in there but she does look good… better than britney spears

    8. jim says:

      man doesnt denise richards screen sexiness,
      charie sheen you dummy what did you do….aggghh



    9. Dave says:

      Peter griffin should have been #1

    10. JonBoy says:

      Petra is my fav.

      my blog: http://www.curiousread.com

    11. defproc says:

      None of those pictures were attractive at all. They just look plastic and airbrushed to smeggery.

    12. Slacker says:

      Quality choice for the winner.

    13. Ace says:

      defproc must be a flaming homosexual to think none of these pics were hot. You sir, need to GTFO.

    14. AdultORama says:

      lol hmmm most of them look oddly alike.. nice pics, but these are basically very European-centric. How about a little diversity..

    15. dickard says:

      The Eva Mendez picture is simply astounding. It almost looks unreal.

      Horribly Inappropriate Christmas Cards

    16. Dave says:

      Lame. Nothing like scanning some old magazine skin shots and then posting yourself on digg, huh? Poorly researched.

    17. LC says:

      Wow, #10, Talk about Photoshopper Gone Wild

    18. Tony says:

      I agree with the current assestment, Joanna Krupa has definetely the best set plus she also has the best body overall.

    19. harsh says:

      check out some more nice pics http://coolbollycelebs.blogspot.com

    20. JC says:

      The fact that Jennifer Connelly isn't on this list for the mirror photos is a testament to how little you folks know about this subject.

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