Hillary Clinton Lesbian Sex Scandal?

Hilary Cliton lesbianOnce again a member of the Clinton family can not seem to keep it in their pants.

At first it seemed to be a venomous little rumor started by Village Voice editor Michael Musto in August – but now various reputable DC sources are confirming what we have all hoped to be true.

Hillary Clinton has been having a lesbian affair with her top female aide, the sexy Huma Abedin.

This would not be the first time Hillary has been accused of being a lesbian but to date it is the first lesbian rumor to be backed by so many high-level reputable sources.

Most recently a “top level” Department of Justice official told Big Head DC that, “I am close enough to Hillary and Huma to tell you that this ‘rumor’ is true.” Interesting, to say the least.

Any other day I’d say this source is not reliable; but the next person to corroborate this story was highly respected journalist and author Ron Rosenbaum.

In his October 30 article “Shocking Inside DC Scandal Rumor: A Media Ethics Dilemma” Rosenbaum said the Los Angeles Times has a story “wrapped up and ready to go about what is a potentially devastating sexual scandal involving a leading Presidential candidate” and they are currently ‘sitting on it’ because the paper couldn’t decide “the complex ethics of whether and when to run it.”

Although Rosenbaum didn’t name Clinton specifically there is enough evidence to realize the target of his accusation is in fact her.

So what does all this mean?

Probably nothing.

Although they do currently live together at home (and on the road) the only way to nail Clinton would be to “catch them spooning in a hot tub in the Hampton’s” or bust into their apartment to catch them in the act. Personally I don’t see that happening to the 2008 Democratic Presidential nominee anytime soon. Un-cross your fingers, Billy Boy.



    1. charles in charge says:

      definitely saw this coming from miles away

    2. james c says:

      her lover is sexxxxxxxxxy

    3. solorunenr says:

      This comes as a shock to whom?

    4. charles in charge says:

      good god! that picture is hilarious!

    5. thehappygamer says:

      Seeing hilary cliton lapping at a fat, wet pussy. Ugh… I dunno.

    6. c f says:

      I wouldn't believe anything coming out of the Bush/Republican orientated Department of Justice. Not that it couldn't be true, just don't necessarily believe this source.

    7. fareb says:

      i need sxy pics vedieos mails pls send meee


    8. Psychs says:

      Yeah sure! If she is seeing the lady, she's doing so privately (unlike a buncha recent Republican "homophobes"). In any case, its nobody's business.

    9. Truth in Politics says:

      So lying to the public with a fake marriage is Ok since when? Right. Never.

    10. Chris Crasavitz says:

      Can some one look into if Bill is still shtuping Gina Gershon, that would help make this more believable

    11. Theo says:

      Well, at least no one will ever spread a rumor that "Steve from Seton Hall" is a journalist.

      "BigHeadDC" and "Pajamas Media" are both right-wing hit sites; the GOP slime machine is officially churning at full capacity.

    12. J says:

      Damn, that's hot!

    13. Suricou Raven says:

      Evidence so far:
      – One unsubstantiated rumor from a tabloid column writer.
      – One 'top level' source, unidentified, which even Steve here says is unreliable.
      – One more respectable author making vague claims about some type of sexual scandal involving an unspecified candidate.

      – Ignore, almost certinly just rumor.

    14. Ray says:

      It is her business anyway – who cares if Hilary has an intimate relationship with her (very beautiful) aide! Americans are way too uptight, you all should take a lesson from the French attitude towards their president, Sarkozy, and his wife.

    15. G2D2 says:

      "who cares if Hilary has an intimate relationship with her (very beautiful) aide?"

      I do, and so do A LOT of people who won't say so because they are terrified of being branded "homophobic" or "anti-gay". Why do I care? Because Hilary Clinton is a woman and she should be attracted to MEN only. If we were living in a normal, natural, healthy society, this belief would never be questioned because it's so obvious.

    16. sailor says:

      It's no big deal? No ones business? So Larry Craig is OK too? What's the difference here? He was trying to solicit sex? She hasn't solicited sex?

      The difference hear is that she has be probably doing this for a long time…just like Bill. She and Bill stayed together just to promote each other? Was it always a open marrige? Are they fit to be parents? Are they both philandering whores?
      Yeah, that someone I want representing me…

    17. samer says:

      thats ugly, let her sign in to a site like sexy chill, they will kick her out in 1 min lol

    18. joe says:

      "If we were living in a normal, natural, healthy society, this belief would never be questioned because it’s so obvious."

      You're living in fantasy-land, land G2D2, and the only reason you're "scared of being called homophobic" is that you obvious are. It's none of your business and if you were living in a normal, natural, healthy society, you wouldn't care.

    19. innocent_ba$tard says:

      milfy.. but thats besides the point

    20. BERT CONVY says:

      Lets see, she killed Buddy the dog, dumped Socks the cat, had Vince foster killed and lied about all of that. The huge lie that is her marriage is really known by everyone already, so her being a homosexual and lying about it only goes to confirm all of the above.


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