World’s Hottest Athlete Wives with Photo Gallery!

01658531530300.jpgStar athletes are rich & famous physical specimens that can have the hottest women in the world with the snap of a finger.. and they take advantage of this. Look at Chipper Jones, who has three illegitimate kids with several different groupies or Wilt Chamberlain, who claims to have banged over 10,000 women in his life.

Getting with good looking nympho groupies night after night is a college guys dream but after years of this even the biggest studs get the urge to settle down.

Today we celebrate not the athlete stalking ho’s like Carmen Electra and Madonna but the top 3 most beautiful/refined/classy women to have married star athletes.

#3 Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant.
Where do I begin. She is beautiful and extremely forgiving. Kobe cheats on her like whoa every road trip but with a millionaire husband who is one of the greatest in the game where else would she go?
Vanessa Bryant

#2 Anna Benson, wife of Orioles pitcher Kris Benson.
Just because she dresses, poses and has sex like a ho doesn’t mean she is one, ok! Sure she and Kris got busted knockin’ boots in the Mets locker room but that’s love man!!

#1 Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods
Tigers wife is the be-all-end-all fantasy wife. She is a knock out 10, avid golf fan even before Tiger, born and raised in Sweden by down to earth working class parents, a former nanny so she can raise the kids right.. what else could a man ask for?



    1. savita kohok says:

      Photography is beautiful, keep sending new clips

    2. RICHED JOHN says:

      send rich photo

    3. Brit says:

      Vanessa bryant should be #1!!!!!

    4. Victor Aaron says:

      I will like to have your contacts

    5. adilene guzman says:

      vanessa is number one no matter what kobes hot and ate me out and what

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