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Tag TeamJohn Quill was one of my roommates freshman year at Ohio University. He was one of those good-looking stud muffins, and he had been the captain of this and the captain of that. He was an open, easy-going dude who made friends with anybody, anywhere. The guy was the Pied Piper of the opposite sex. What was great is, he would round up a bunch of them to come back to our room, or &#39suite,&#39 of four guys. It might be after dinner or a party or something. All hours, all days of the week. So everyone would come barreling into the room, beers open, bong oozing smoke and everybody is having a good ole time. But all the girls, usually three or four, couldn&#39t all bag John. So, that left, well, me &#39 and our two other roommates, if they were around. But they were sights for sore eyes. Thanks, John. I will never forget you. You are my hero.

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